Who Can Install a Furnace in Flushing, Genesee County, Flint, MI?

McCarthy Electric, Heating & Cooling is up to the task

Whether you need a new furnace or are having issues with your current one, consult with a knowledgeable contractor. McCarthy Electric, Heating & Cooling has provided quality furnace installation and replacement services for nearly five decades. Our team will make sure your heating needs are met by recommending the right furnace for you.

If you need a new furnace, we'll help you choose the right make and model and install it in a timely manner. If you think your furnace needs to be replaced, our contractors will inspect it and recommend an effective solution to any problem we find. Either way, we'll install your new furnace in as little as one day! Schedule your next service by calling McCarthy Electric, Heating & Cooling at 810-659-8723.

3 signs you need a furnace installation or replacement

Flint & Flushing, Michigan's McCarthy Electric, Heating & Cooling can determine if your current furnace needs to be replaced. It may be time for our team to install a new furnace if any of the following apply to you:
  1. Your furnace is more than 20 years old
  2. Your energy costs are going up because of an inefficient furnace
  3. You've had to replace several furnace parts within the last few years

When it's time to replace your furnace, our contractors will help you choose a new furnace that works for your needs and budget. Contact McCarthy Electric, Heating & Cooling to get started.